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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 13, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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mail." ♪ good morning everyone. it's thursday, august 12th. i'm ayman mohyeldin. we begin with breaking news overseas. isis is reportedly claiming responsibility for a massive truck bombing in baghdad that has killed at least 60 people and injure d 200 othered. the -- 200 others. there's been similar attacks on neighborhood across the country. witnesses say a refrigerator truck was backed with explosives when it blew up. some used personal cars to get victims to the hospital quickly. the market was crowded with
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shoppers stocking up on food ahead of the weekend. a man kidnapped by isis weeks ago has been beheaded. a father of two was abducted in cairo working for a gas and oil company. the prime minister can't confirm he was killed, but said quote, it's not looking good. he's believed to be the first scivilian taken by isis. chris christie is taking jeb bush to task for his speech tuesday when he claimed obama and hillary clinton for the rise of isis. >> this should have been handled by bush the same way it's been handled by other candidates. saying listen, if we knew what we know now, we wouldn't have gone to iraq. period, no question. there's no reason to go back. it's bad decision making by
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governor bush. i'm not running his campaign. back here in the u.s., jimmy carter announced yesterday he's battling cancer. he underwent an operation to remove a small mass from his liver. in the brief statement released yesterday, the president said the disease has spread to other parts of his body. here's pete williams. >> in typical down to earth fashion, carter announced the diagnoses himself saying he had surgery early thermoto -- earlier this month to remove a mass on his liver. he said i have cancer. he founded the jimmy carter center in atlanta traveling the world to promote democracy and better health care. he plunged himself into habitat for humanity building houses for others.
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he and his wife travelled to nepal in november to build houses the for those lost in the earthquake. he brokered agreements to stop violence in africa and went to haiti to support the democratically elected government. because of those efforts and work at camp david, he was awarded nobel peace price in 0 2002. earlier this year, he published a full book. >> my wife and i have been lucky. we have a program promoting peace, enhancing democracy. it was adventurous. it's gratifying and exciting for us to do that. >> mr. carter says he'll rearrange his schedule to be treated by doctors in atlanta. >> the white house said president obama spoke with president carter by phone and wished him a full and speedy recovery.
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obama released this statement that reads in part, quote, jimmie, you're as resilient as they come. we are rooting for you. hillary clinton's old e-mail server is now in the hands fbi according to the washington post. the company that managed it turned it over with no search warrant from the bureau. she added it's blank and contains no useful data. for years hillary clinton was secretary of state according to the paper, in 2013, she brought on a colorado company to manage her e-mail. according to the company, the server was moved to a data center set up to be secure from hacking and natural disasters. the information was moved to a new server. two top clinton staff einsured the judge yesterday they would not remove e-mails have been to do with their time at the state
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department. half of polls say server should be subject to criminal investigation. while the same number say it was a matter of convenience, 38% of people believe clinton was hiding something. clinton's team have tried to handle this. jenn add add hillary didn't send classified e-mails over personal e-ma e-mail. none were marked classified when she reviewed them or sent them. she viewed in her office or via other secure means while traveling. a post debate show shows donald trump in iowa firmly in the lead with candidates surging behind him. caucus goers chose trump. ben carson pulls to second with 14%, six points ahead of former
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front runner scott walker. cruz and fiorina also apparently benefitting from strong debate performances have moved upwards in the poll. trump is leading in iowa on who would best handle many of the top issues including the economy, immigration, and terrorism. get this, when asked who is most likely to change the way washington works, trump stands head and shoulders above everyone. he's at 44%. his closest competitor at a distant 9%. the feud between paul and trump reached new heights. paul released the ad highlighting donald trump's quote, troubling liberal policies. he had more to say about trump while speaking in new hampshire. >> we have people up there that say such profound things as you're stupid. you're fired. you're a pig. you look terrible.
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you only have half a brain. when you respond with an argument, it's like you're stupid. my favorite is, the reason i tell women i'm ugly is because i'm so good looking. everybody knows i'm good looking, right? what was trump's position then? he was for bailouts. obama care became a dominant issue for years. still dominant. what was his position? he's always been for obama care. now he's changed positions now that he's a republican. he used to say democrats were better running things. >> you know what that means? donald trump responded in true trump fashion saying quote, unless you're a piece of unyielding granite, over the years, positions evolve. recently rand paul called me and
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asked me to play golf. i easily beat him on the course and will easily beat him now in politics. cell phone video captured this from multiple angles. take a look. incredible footage there. this happened about 90 miles from beijing. 12 firefighters who raced to the scene are dead. there are people unaccounted for. 520 are in the hospital, more than 60 from critical condition.
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hundreds of cars and trucks went up in flames. a man miles away said quote, i thought it was another 9/11. it was like something out of a hollywood action movie like godzilla. let's turn to business. china tries to ease concerns of currency war. a move that would give exporters a bigger edge. nancy is live from london. china has global markets on edge with this devauluation. what are u.s. reports? >> rejected reports from reuters today. there's no legitimacy so that report, in fact, they don't see further devaluation. that's giving relief to markets in europe.
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we're seeing u.s. futures pointing to higher open after the mishl drinitial drop in mar. some hopes the the china devaluation might not be as strong as some feared. that gives relief to major u.s. economies. likes of apple, young brands and intel. some are saying this could put the fed on hold. we initially saw the market price 50% odds of september hike. that was after the strong jobs report last friday. now markets seem 39% chance with highest likelihood of december hike. why does the fed care about this? as you suggested it makes u.s. exporters less competitor relative to china's exporters there. as we get closer to rate hike, dollar will continue to stren n
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strengthen. i want to shift focus and talk about inthe tell for another story outside of china. this is on diversity report. intel reported they managed to nearly double the amount of hiring in the area of unrepresented minorities in six months. this is a large campaign, $300 million investment intel wants to break up to 2020 in these areas. when you look at break down of minority hiring, huge chunk came from women as opposed to hispanics and african-americans. women make up the largest chunk of leadership roles in the diversity category. another remarkable point is how they managed to reach this target. some say it's the increase in referral bonus. they brought that up if you manage to refer someone and they
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get hired. >> thank you for that live from london. still ahead on "way too early." tom brady leaving court yesterday after the face-off over the deflategate scandal. see a who's apologizing to whom. the safe landing for a jets player who was released after breaking geno smith's jaw. you won't believe who just picked him up. those stories and check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. ♪ before earning enough cash back
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at least three people were injured last night chenwhen a l ceiling collapsed at a concert. 750 were inside the historic club known as first venue when a 30 by 30 piece of the ceiling gave way taking the ceiling pipes with it.
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none of the injuries fortunately are life threatening. firefighters are assessing the integrity of the venue. we begin with tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell who came face to face yesterday for the first time in the courthouse. they emerged without a decision. reporting from inside the courthouse revealed the judge may be skeptical about the hard evidence the league has on the reigning super bowl mvp. at one point the judge asked the nfl lawyer, quote what is the evidence of scheme or conspiracy that covers the january 18th game? i'm having trouble finding it. the two return to court the 18th if they don't find a settlement before then. after hitting smith,
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enemkpali will join the buffalo bills. incognito was suspended for bullying his teammate when he played for the dolphins. he'll play for ryan who said he was quote, a good teammate. mariners kuma joins three other pitchers to have a no-hitter this season. >> the right hander walked three and struck out seven come completing the fifth in history. to toronto, blue jays wrap up the 10th straight victory.
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they've lost once game since the trade deadline. can you believe that? that 10-3 win over the athletics and yankees loss to indians gives blue jays a half point lead over the east. chicago's anthony rizzo chasing down a ball in foul territory. he jumps on top of the tarp, leans and falls into the crowd for an incredible grab. this game goes to extra innings. check this out. tied in the bottom of the 10th, cubs up at bat. >> a drive the other way. cubs win. cubs win. >> that's a lot of excitement. monetatero launches a shot to center good for a 3-2 walk-off win. impressive, that home run. let's get a check on weather
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with our meteorologist. how's it looking? >> looks pretty good. we have areas of concern for rain many florida and through the northern plains today. we could see severe weather. florida is a concern. we have basically a stalled out front along the gulf. from eastern texas to florida, you'll see a chance to pick up quick one to two inches until the front starts to move. here's a look at today's forecast. it's hot down to the south and out to the desert southwest. phoenix 113 today. we'll have an excessive heat watch for southern california right into the arizona area. northeast starting to heat up again. we'll see a return not only to heat but also humid as we head to the weekend. those temperatures will continue to go up. still rain manaing in florida f. that will clear over the
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weekend. showers develop out through the midwest. back to you. one more day and we can get through the week, right? >> everyone stay strong. thanks. much appreciated. we showed you the tom brady courtroom sketch that has gone viral. we'll show you that and how much fun the internet had with it. ♪ watch as these magnificent creatures take flight, soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have a less reliable cell phone network, and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home. come home to verizon and now get 12 gigs for $80 a month plus $20 per line. verizon. come home to a better network.
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all right. let's get a check on morning's other headlines. we head to "way too early," stenography correspondent louis. >> thanks. not bad. tom brady was in federal court yesterday. federal courts don't allow cameras. news outlets like us have to rely on sketch artists. here's one showing a brady in court. that's tom brady on the right side believe it or not. may be hard to see the resemblance the internet jumped to action as only the internet can. one marked up a classic scene from e.t. on a beak. here's another from the classic painting, the scream. and the best of all, the brady
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bunch. >> the artist said tell tom brady i'm sorry. he's a very good-looking man. i apologize. if i had more time, i would have made him more handsome. that's too good. . we told you about a poll from new hampshire showing sanders leading hillary clinton in the early voting state for the first time ever. here's what fallon had to say last night. >> sanders has been previously trailing her 36 points. now he has the seven point lead. i think he might be getting a little cocky. look at the new campaign slogans he's trying out. bern down for what. [ cheers and applause ] next there's enough bs. it's time for b.s. then hillary just got weakened at bernies.
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>> soccer has never been bigger in america. fc cincinnati will join the soccer league playing home game at the cincinnati stadium. the club released a series of videos featuring fc cincinnati gear and chants. take a look. >> oh fc cincinnati. oh fc cincinnati. oh fc cincinnati. fcc fcc. glory, glory cincinnati. glory glory cincinnati. glory glory cincinnati. >> quite possibly the worst promo campaign ever. i guess it's been a -- it's tough to be diehard fans when the team existed only a few days. >> feel and hope it looks
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different when thousands of fans are packed in the stadium. i've got to be honest, those few doing it, it's not a barcelona stadium. >> the bar can only go up from there. >> got to appreciate the fan loyalty early on. >> few days in, they were there at the beginning. let's go to hollywood news. the trailer for the first movie has been released. it might be the best post civil war western to end all post civil war westerns. it follows bounty hunters who get caught up in a plot of deception and betrayal. take a look. >> get in boys. >> really looking forward to that "the hateful eight" hits
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theaters christmas. they say we have to go in the control room. let's bring in mika for a preview of "morning joe." >> that's your problem. you do what they say. thank you. coming up, martin o'malley joining us from iowa. we're going to ask about his party's debates. are they trying to crown hillary clinton? there's reports fbi is in possession of hillary clinton's private e-mail server. how come it took so long? why did they take it at all? those are the questions. and the feud between donald trump and rand paul with the front run pner going after the conservative's credentials. >> when the story starts about a golf outing between the two, it's going to be a good one. that one hurts. that and much more coming up on
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